Sunday, February 26, 2017


40 inches of fresh snow and not any old snow finest Rocky mountain champagne powder fell the day before I was due to leave.. I was going to spend my last day at Alta but the access road was closed to all traffic due to avalanche danger.

So off to Park City / Canyons. I knew that road had been closed due to a major accident but it was opened as I left. SLC.

Not my favorite sort of skiing with heavy snow and flat light making it hard to see in near whiteout conditions. So I stuck to a couple of easy runs which I know well and had an enjoyable couple of hours.

Then it was packing for the 3.30 am start to the long day travelling home to Elephants Child. I had swapped my boring Toyota Camry after some crackhead broke the window. In exchange I got a monster AWD SUV. Which I needed as I slipped and slid over frozen slush and snow covered roads back to the airport.

Anyway I am back on board to a very vocal welcome from Dizzy and a chance to catch up on sleep in my own bed with the sound of the surf on the reef as a welcome lullaby.

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