Saturday, May 27, 2017


There was a panic call on the VHF from a nearby bay.

"Help Help there is a mega yacht bashing into my boat"

Then a bit later there was another emergency call to say that the same mega yacht was bashing into another boat while attempting to leave the bay.

Initial reports suggest that the boats hit only suffered minor damage.

Someone with lots of money is building a new house on the hillside opposite my mooring. He has had to build a road first and is now building a dock as well as the house.

The sad thing is that the mangroves which used to fringe almost all of this bay are slowly bit by bit being destroyed. All that nursery area for baby fish is going.

One of the things I like about Whisper Cove is the way that they have kept as much of the mangroves as possible.

They do a great job of looking after the flora and fauna.

As well as providing exceedingly good lunches in a quiet setting with gentle jazz playing.

We need some rain

you can see from the picture just how dry the hillside is.

The mangroves are still green as they can deal with the salt.

Still we have had a little rain as the first tropical wave of the hurricane season blew through.

Shoulder Progress

It is getting better slowly as Jan said it would, she said think months not weeks.

Finally I had a bit of sad news one of my motorcycling friends from the Ducati days was killed in a collision with a car. By the sounds of the description of the accident it was a typical SMIDSY JOB


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