Monday, June 19, 2017


Invest 92 has finally got it's act together and developed some circulation.

It has not curved North as nearly all storms do but has gone South and is forecast to hit Trinidad on the 20th in the early morning. Assuming it does what it is supposed to do Elephants Child should see 30 knots gusting 40 and the threatened 15 ft swell will have enough East in it to stay out of my bay.

So it will be a windy old night and a bit lumpy at breakfast time come Tuesday morning.

I do feel sorry for those boats that fled from Grenada down to Trinidad. They are going to be scrabbling around for a good mooring as they are going to get a direct hit in Chaguaramas.


And we need it.

It is amazing how quickly the hillsides go green.

Dizzy has found a new lounging spot

in the bathroom

the little pervert.

The boatyard in Clarks Court Bay is nearly full up. A cruising friend who has given up running a small skippered charter business in favor of running a boat fixit business says he is turning work away in the yard.

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