Thursday, February 11, 2010


I really like the style of the accomodation here

These rather nice ferry boats criss cross the sound all day and evening. Some seem to be free and they certainly respnd to a call on the VHF very quickly.

But while wandering around I came across this telling site.

A replacement strop waiting to be fitted

There are mooring balls everywhere in the BVI but quite a few are missing this part. It connects the mooring chain ar warp to the boat.

One parted last night at about 3 in the morning and there was much shouting and fending off of a runaway boat across the way. I looked out and saw it was well away from us so it was back to sleep.

Well the dink has a clean bottom and the antifouling means it should stay that way.

My old Johnson will not have to work so hard to get us up on the plane.

I should not have said anything about cruiseships because one arrived next day.

At least it has sails. However I am not sure that it has many passengers as it is quiet ashore.

I had a closer look at the accomodation and although well built and well landscaped they are wooden shacks with warped timbers and see through bits.

Some people might find it a bit of a shock considering the price. Basically if you have to ask you can't afford to stay here.

Mind you the really really well off rent Necker Island.

The island is Sir Richard Branson's home and favourite hideaway. He first purchased the island in 1978 and it opened as a luxury retreat available for private hire in 1984. Necker Island is now part of Virgin Limited Edition, Richard's portfolio of unique retreats. There is a team of 60 fabulous staff on island plus more than 200 flamingos who are all part of the Necker family!

Mind you the less well off are catered to as well. There is a special offer on at the moment for the Kiteboarding festival and a couple can stay on the Island on an inclusive basis for $25,400 for the week plus flights. Just the $3,485 a night. (GULP)

Had a sundowner with George and Joan on Sea Venture a CSY44 last night. They run a 'pick your own' apple orchard outside New York. They have owned their CSY from new in 1977 and know this area very well so I was picking their brains about where to go and what to do all night.

They knew Burt Kilbride and were reminiscing about the simplicity and profitability of his Saba bar and did not think the new incarnation was doing as well. They certainly have empty rooms. They were also saying that Richard Branson has purchased another island that is part of the sound with the idea of turning it into a Mega Yacht resort.

I am off exploring the western end of the sound today and should be anchoring off Bransons latest Island tonight.

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