Sunday, February 7, 2010


Did a little boatwork and decided that when I haulout next I should paint the hull. It is a bit chalky and while it is purely cosmetic it needs doing.

The wind is dead south which is unusual but makes the trip to Anegada a downwind sled ride and the VHF was full of early morning chatter as a charter group played follow my leader past Pomato Point into Anegada. They are not allowed to go by themselves but must have a lead boat from the charter company to make sure they get the entrance right. I was half ways tempted to make the trip over but in the end laziness won out and I settled back to try some power lounging before a swim and Sunday lunch.

I dinghied out past Saba Rock into Eustatia sound expecting the swell to be running but it had one down overnight and it was only 1 - 2 feet. I took the opportunity to snorkle the drop off outside the barrier reef and found great shoals of Tangs and Blue Angels [ I think ].

I met another liveaboard out on the dinghy mooring on the reef and it turns out he is heading south as well. Perhaps we will buddy boat down to St Maarten. He single hands a 48 footer.


  1. Not clear if you have got the ships papers or not. I sent them with your christmas present after you sent mine. I haven't received that yet, and I suspect that HMRC has confiscated it,or it will arrive with a SWAT team in toe.I can use the ones at the range.
    re your email about Sean Ellis, he was on breakfast TV, lot of new thinking from the omega's point of view
    Let me know about the papers, I may have to check
    on them.

  2. Dont miss Anegada!!

    And I am wishing I was there right NOW.