Thursday, February 4, 2010

A PROPER JOB and off to the Rhone tomorrow.

VJ at Nautool Machine Ltd is a real engineer fitter. He took my wrecked pulley, bored it, out made a bush, broached the keyway, pressed it in and tack welded it to be sure.

It fits just right neither too tight or slack, a " proper job " !

I got back to the boat, fitted it and tested the engine. Normal service is resumed and I am happy that the raw water pump system is now better than new.

I had the other one done as well so I have a spare pulley and will rebuild the old pump when I find a shaft, I have everything else I need to recondition it.

I shall get the last few bits of shopping tomorrow morning and sail over to the wreck of the Rhone just off Salt Cay. She was a packet steamer and went down in a hurricane in 1867. Only some crew members survived. The story is that the passengers were tied to their beds to keep them safe!

I won't bother with scuba gear and just snorkel he shallower end of the wreck. The swell is down at the moment, I think so I am hoping for good viz so I can see the deeper sections. It is a pity that the 500 lb Goliath Grouper is no longer a resident but I may see Fang the resident Barracuda.


  1. The deep section ofthe wreckof the rhone is a fantastic night dive. With the strobe showing a black and white images of the wreck the descent is like a 5 minute freefall with the wreck getting clearer as I got closer. One of my most memorable dives.

  2. Wish I could risk a tank dive but the ENT guy said absolutly no more diving.

    I have never made a night dive, I can see that this one would be very atmospheric.