Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gisela arrives at Parham Harbour

I had to be up in Parham Sound to pick up Gisela who is crewing for me for a few weeks. Well it is raining as I round the top of Antigua, in fact it is raining so hard I can not see where I am going and

as I am sourrounded by reefs I am at anchor for the third time.

Anyway I made it to the airport in time to meet the flight. I gather Gisela was lucky to get out here as many European flights have been grounded because of the volcano in Iceland.

Parham is not a very pretty area but it was a peaceful night and we headed out to the famed Jumby Bay resort.

However it started to rain again and this time it did not stop so it was a day spent at anchor.

The rain had stopped at last.

Next day Gisela volunteered to bail out the dinghy which was half full of water again but we were soon underway to Jumby bay

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