Friday, April 9, 2010

Gusty winds today

I am back in the peace and serenity of Five Islands harbour. At least it would be peaceful and serene if the wind was not so variable. It is blowing between 5 and 30 knots and and higher in the gusts.

I got some odd jobs done but was going to have a look at the barnacle situation on my bottom but did not fancy being in the water with the boat moving around as the wind swirls in the anchorage.


Well it settled down a bit so I went over the side and the bottom is not good, not really bad but definitely dirty. So I have been scrubbing off the worst of it but an early haul out and some good antifouling paint is on the cards.

There is another boat just motored in and they are pulling down a badly torn mainsail. I guess it is still blowing hard out there.


  1. assume you mean the boat's bottom?

  2. Sounds like a day in the harbour is just the ticket. :)

  3. Yes Carol, a dirty bottom really slows things down. People make a living in the racing harbours by scrubbing bottoms using scuba or hookah gear.