Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jumby Bay Jolly Harbour Falmouth Harbour and the Classics go racing

After a splendid meal on the Veranda at Jumby Bay [ Thank you Gisela ] we motored out next morning and despite a forecast for unfavourable winds we found that we were able to sail all the way down to Jolly Harbour.

Gisela was intrigued by the the splendid but slightly decayed casino now empty and unused. The Jolly harbour resort was never finished and the grandiose plans fell short. Many of the dockside houses were never sold and of course the income from the management fees never reached the necessary levels. Still it is hanging on just.

Next day after breakfast in the sun we sailed on to Falmouth and again were lucky to get a wind that let us sail all the way there on a reach instead of having to beat up Goats channel inbetween the shore and Cades reef as usual. But the heavens opened again as we entered the very crowded waters of Falmouth Harbour.

Next morning we walked over to Fort Berkley to watch the start of the race for the big boys. I was disappointed to learn that Hanuman had had to retire from the race the day before and did not make the start line today. Still the sight of Valsheda Ranger and some other classics setting off some flying a spi was great even though viz was not great in the drizzle.

After the rain and mist of the morning it finally brightened up a little in the afternoon.

So we were able to dry out.

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