Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bob leaves safely

Well Bob got his anchor up slowly, it is a manual winch and motored off this morning. I watched with some concern as he drifted down towards another anchored boat but the gearbox linkage fix did it's stuff and he he got forward OK. So there is one less thing to worry about in paradise and a bit more empty space around Elephants Child.

I went into town to the post office to pick up some parcels. The bus picks you up from the dinghy dock at "Da Big Fish" bar and it was cheap less than 1$ US.

While I was walking round the inner lagoon where I used to anchor and which is now filled with a Camper and Nicholson marina I came across this mini marina with an interesting sign.

The PO was quick and they have their own customs officer in attendance so getting the stuff cleared in was easy. Much easier than the UK.

I was glad to get back to the dinghy as the wind died during the morning and it got HOT. So a blast back to the big boat at high speed, a swim and a cold G&T got the temperature down to pleasure levels again as the sun set.


  1. Hi! My father in law was Bob Law. He owned the trimaran Pistachio. Did you know him?

  2. In fact I did meet the owner of Pistachio when I was out cruising in the 90s.

    He was not as mobile as he had been and I only saw him briefly at a regatta meeting.