Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Radio success and a Skijump in Bequia

I finally got all the wires run except the main earth which is still a temporary connection pending testing and signal reports Soooooooooo I tried the HF SSB radio and it works!. I was soon pulling in the Turks and Caicos clear as a bell and could hear Canada and Alaska fairly clearly all on 14.300.

So as a reward I went for a walk on the shore then over to the other side of the Island where I found a turtle sanctuary run by a local retired fisherman. I am going back when I have more time and will see if I can help in some way. Baby turtles often grow "coats" of algae [like boats] and need scrubbing clean [like boats].

Bequia has a ski jump

On the way back I noticed the training ground for the next Caribbean winter Olympian. After the Bobsleigh, and the Iditarod we have the skijump. However on closer inspection I found out that it is just someones front drive. I hope their brakes never fail, it is seriously steep.

I treated myself to a late lunch out and then a swim and snorkle on the Devils Table a local reef which has claimed many a charter boat even though it is clearly marked by a pole.

The charge of the charter boats.

Here they come, at least now they take a mooring, before they would throw an anchor overboard and be in the dinghy heading for a happy hour before the boat had settled back on it's anchor.

Dramatic sunset again - just beautiful.


  1. Baby turtles often grow "coats" of algae [like boats] and need scrubbing clean [like boats].
    And scrubbing is something you have a lot of experience these days.
    Weather here still good, so the garden is brown and a hosepipe ban is on the near horizon.
    I love the sunsets, please post more pictures of them.
    The noise from the charter parties must spoil some of the evenings but I do envy you the life.

  2. I have had more problems with noise from shore based parties than other boats.

    To much money spent on rally BIG sound systems!

    Mind you I am really glad to lose my neighbour from last night. They run a generator continously!