Friday, July 23, 2010


It's only rock and roll but I definitely don't like it. In late afternoon a big swell started creeping into Prickly Bay and soon it got really uncomfortable, with boats rolling to their scuppers.

Normally I would put out a stern anchor but that would have been laid across the top of a small reef so I tried the V line technique from bow and stern and it worked!

What amazed me is that as far as I could see no one else did anything! just complained about smashed dishes and feeling seasick to one another on the VHF.

If it looks like being a problem I will move next door to Hog Island. I can only do this with good light as the entrance requires eyeball navigation past some reefs.

However I am reluctant to do this as I will lose my excellent WIFI connection.

Finally retired my old flag. It flew on the front of the Trek from time to time as we 'voyaged' from Houston down the Baja in Mexico, up to Alaska and across to Miami via the Big Easy.

It has been flying off the stern of Elephants Child but as it is only thin nylon the sunlight has degraded it and the wind has blown it to tatters. This despite Flora on Folk Lauric doing some restoration work on it in St Maarten.

It will join the remains of the two flags that flew on Carpe Diem on my seven year sabbatical cruise.

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  1. British reg boat, British (Scot) captain, should have the British flag. get a tougher one.

    sent you a picture, don't stick that on the boat