Monday, August 9, 2010


It was no good, the cravings are too strong. I have to admit that I am a hopeless addict.

Here I freely agree to the first step of 12

admitting that one cannot control one's addiction or compulsion

I woke and I just had to have a Chinese. Rotis and stew fish are OK but I craved some Hot and Sour soup.

So for lunch I walked up to Choo's Chinese not expecting too much as the others I have tried out here were OK but not great.

The walk was along a road with magnificent displays of flowers. But the flowers were not getting it all their own way, there were lots of these big boys munching away, he / she was a good 4 inches long.

When I got to Choos I was concerned, it was lunch hour, the prices were low and the place was empty not a single diner. This is not a good sign I thought to myself.

Still the Doyle cruising guide recommends it so I thought I will try it out. And it was a long hot walk back to the boat and cheese sandwich.

The menu arrived instantly the drinks shortly after and then it was a while before my soup arrived. But it was worth waiting for, at least a 9 if not 9 and 1/2.

The main course was good to but that was a great bowl of soup,

Mind you they were american size portions, I should have asked for a doggy bag!

J'ouvert or Jab-Jab or Devil Mas

Bands emerge from the darkness of the night to parade freely through the town.

Blackened with stale molasses, old engine oil, tar, grease, creosote or mud, and wearing little more than their horned helmets, these masqueraders set out to terrify onlookers with their grotesque appearance and repulsive dances or so the carnival guide said.

The last time I was here they would make forays into the crowds leaving black marks where ever they ran. Some even carried live snakes.

But this time they were better behaved and as well as the traditional black horned guys there were bright blue and green marchers.

I did not stay very long at J'ouvet as this mornings carnival parade was called, too noisy, too crowded and too many people in need of a 12 step plan. I am just not a wild party animal.

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