Friday, August 6, 2010


It has been a frustrating few days. I gave in and bought a island prepaid phone got it home and the screen goes blank. I need to renew my passport and to do that I need some docs from the UK. No problem, Fedex can do it so I bus in only to be told that cash is no good they need a card and thay are sorry but AMEX will not do nicely sir. Back home to get a suitable card back to the Fedex office and the deal is done with pichup times to be confirmed. They then email me to cancel saying they can't do it at all. Go ashore to the payphone again get through to DHL who at first say they can do it but when I ask them to check with a supervisor No Can DO. AArrgghhhh.

However Carol comes through for me and offers to take the docs to the DHL office. I schlep ashore again and check the precise address needed with the DHL office. Email Carol the address and go snorkeling to get my blood pressure down a bit. Carol emails me to tell me the address is no good and they want numbers. Why the DHL office in the UK could not look uo the Grenada DHL address I do not know as it is a hold for pickup at the office job. AArrgghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes the phone was promised for Wednesday and it is now Friday and no phone.

Oh well I will do a bit of boat fixing I think, just need some connectors to do a proper job, so off to the chandlers only to find they have oodles of males and no females, how strange.

SNORKELING It was the first time I got close to the private lighthouse on the very posh eastern arm of Prickly Bay. It is only illuminated if the owner feels like it.

I have been a few times since the Keys but today was the first location I found with good viz even though the surge was considerable and as I was working around some coral heads I had to watch not to be sucked on to one.

This coral head was very green and somehow reminded me of flying over Pen-Y-Ghent in the Yorkshire dales on my hanglider.


UBUNTU and LALA left this morning to go round to St Georges so they can get in and out for Carnival but Stingo, Spirited Lady and the magificent Fife built schooner Astor snuck in behind me.


The wind switched around this evening to a very light westerly so I was able to take some pics looking through the rigging from the cockpit.

Fixed a few things today so it was a good day, Carol says she will try again and the world is a little less frustrating.

The G&T is really cold and tastes just Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as the sun disappears.

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  1. So now my blood pressure is up, dealing with the idiots this end.
    I'm going to get a T-shirt with "light my fuse at your own risk" they can take that how they like.
    You still might get this by carrier pigeon.