Monday, August 2, 2010

FISH GET IT, BOGOF at B&Q and I follow the Motel 6 sign off line.

Uh Uh it is a depression and should make at least storm status by the time it passes near Antigua.

All the prediciton models seem to show it curving North and as a UK weatherman famously said " It's a fish storm" so no worries down here.

It was clearly a "Buy One Get One Free" at the celestial paint store where the Lords of the Sunset do their shopping.

It just got more spectacular.

40 minutes or so of sunset.

The Lords signed off with this bright intense BLUE ray which seemed to radiate upwards from the point of sunset.

The Motel 6 ads sign off with "We'll leave the light on for you."

I have a automatic anchor light which senses the night and switches the light on which is a good thing when you are trying to find YOUR boat in a crowded anchorage. But one night it failed, the bulb was blown. A new bulb was fitted but no good, no light in the dark. A trip to the chandlery gave me sticker shock so dredging up my basic electronics I worked out that the problem was the photoelectric diode. $1.99 at Radio Shack v $159.

Some cruiser once said "Cruising is boat maintenance in exotic locations".


  1. The bulb was about $4 bit the whole assembly with it's lead cover and built in switch was $159 Ouch.