Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well we are supposed to get hauled tomorrow for our bottom job but who knows, it is the Caribbean.

So before we get busy in the boatyard we took a little sail to find some clean water and a quiet corner to enjoy some beach time.

If you ever wanted a picture postcard strip of sand this is it. Just around the corner from Tyrrel Bay and now in a protected marine park Sandy Island is a little cay that comes and goes with the big swells generated by close Caribbean hurricane. At the moment it is there but the outer edge is a line of coral fragments thrown up by hurricane Lenny.

We sailed around and anchored just outside the park, partially as a protest against the introduction of compulsory mooring buoys but also because I am a cheapskate.

Soon we were walking the beach

taking nothing but pictures

leaving nothing but footprints

killing nothing but time

A snorkel over the reef was next and we did a drift job holding on to the dinghy as the current was strong.

I guess this tree on the next uninhabited island shows which way the wind blows in this corner of paradise. After a great day out we sailed back to Tyrrel bay and dropped the hook in time to enjoy a splendid sunset.

We can not help but feel a little smug as we sit in the warmth of a Caribbean evening on the nearly free wifi and read of the artic plunge that is bringing the possibility of near zero temps and perhaps even snow to the UK and Germany.


  1. Now that last sentence was cruel, true but cruel.
    I love the picture of the tree, and the one of the beach above.
    Yes winter is coming and coming too fast for comfort. Still holiday is coming soon.

  2. It is a picture postcard sort of place and apparently has been used for adverts and tourist promotions many times.

    Re the cruel last sentance I will include pictures of me sweating like a horse, covered in paint debris and looking forward to a mosquito ridden shower at the end of the day to provide some compensation.