Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Boat yard boat yard I see no boat yard.

Well we are out and on the hard. The haulout was carried out smoothly and although I was provided them with pictures of the underwater hull layout I was reassured to see the lift driver go into the water t check that the slings were safely positioned.

However it is always a high anxiety moment when you see your home suspended on high.

I was glad to see that they had got around to changing the tyres on the boat lift, I paid a visit to suss out the yard earlier and the tyres were in tatters and shreds, ready to blow out.

We have a crazy Frenchman just behind us and he spent the afternoon dry sanding his [ poisonous ] antifouling without a mask. It is little wonder he was coughing his guts out waiting for the shower this evening.

We have water on the boat and have elected to use the boat toilet and holding tank, even I would draw the line at the yard toilets which are truly disgusting! But the yard shower is useable and as Gisela says it is nice not to have to worry about the water.

We had hoped to top up our tanks on leaving but the holder for the tanks is so rusted that it is collapsing and the water tanker driver is refusing to go near them never mind climb and put the hose in.


  1. I assume your back in the water then.
    I cannot say I blame the driver for refusing to fill those tanks. Looks like they are about to collapse without the extra load of water in them.

  2. Tomorrow we splash, the french guy goes first then we get an extra high lift in slings to scrape and paint our extendible keel.

    We draw 10+ feet with it down.

    Boy will we be glad to be back on the water.