Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We expected to sail up to Union on Momday but it was Independence Day for Grenada and a public holiday so we knew that checking out was going to be a problem.

So we had a lazy Monday and sailed around to Hillsborough, checked out and made the short hop up to Union Island on Tuesday. Enroute we checked the cruising guide and found out that Independence day for Union Island and the rest of the Grenadines was Wednesday. So we rushed around checking in and doing some shopping before everything shut down when we got here.

I went to collect some mail I have been waiting on only to find the mail handling operation I was relying on and had contacted in advance has gone on

BLOODY HOLIDAY Arghhhhhhhhhhhh.

Gisela says she likes it here as it is much cleaner and neater than Carriacou. Also we were mosquito free and have not been bothered by no-seeums for the last two nights.

However she did wonder how this German petrol pump made it here.

Exploring today we came across this shark pool which gives visitors a chance of dining sourrounded by sharks. The hotel does not mention that they are nurse sharks who might give you a nasty suck at worse.

We also dinghied around the anchorage

and saw a reminder of the need to be cautious about accepting the offers of moorings even at reduced rates.

This little island with its wind generator, solar panels, TV and Wifi aerials is one mans dream. He built it on the reef that protects Clifton harbour where we are anchored, mostly out of conch shells which were lying in untidy heaps on the beaches next to boat landings and other recycled materials.

We are off to Petit Martinique to stock up on wine tomorrow and will explore this little island which is supposed to be free of tourism, well at least cruise ship tourism.

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