Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

The ARC boats have been coming in thick and fast over the last few days which is just as well as the organisers shut up shop take down the finish line and go home. There will still be some boats out in the Atlantic left to arrive with no greeting, steel band etc.

The parties are in full swing the queue of dirty washing at the laundry is growing and the rum is coming in by the lorry load!

We visited gros Islet yesterday to see if the couple of Rastas I met in the 90s were still in business at the Worlds End Rasta Shack. We had heard that there had been a fight and someone had been "chopped" a but it was a shock to find it was a relative of the brothers and that he had been killed outside the shack.

We paid our respects and moved on to a little bar built on stilts and had a beer. The owner was a German woman who had come on holiday 13 years ago and is still there.

We are off to Martinique tomorrow weather permitting. We are softy cruisers so if we don't like, there is always a better day.

We finished off our stay in Rodney Bay with a dinner out in the Jambe Du Bois which was splendid and very atmospheric, even if I did feel the need to test each chair very carefully before leaning back.

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