Friday, December 17, 2010


We had a good sail up to Martinique, I had worried that the wind might have veered too far for us to lay the course but in the end we just about made it falling a mile downwind after 25 miles.

We are in Cul de Sac du Marin [ The one in Martinique – Guadeloupe has one too! ] which is the yachting centre for Martinique and the charter boat centre for the French in the West Indies.

Gisela's comment was “This is the most boats I have seen so far in one spot.” It is certainly busy and the anchorage is much more crowded than it was in July when I stopped here on my way down to Grenada.

We finished up anchoring behind Lala [ AGAIN! It must be the umpteenth time I have found space behind them – wonder what that means? ] They are settled here for a while as their kids are going to school in Martinique for a while.

We will stock up here as the French supermarkets are much less expensive than those in the English speaking islands and then we will probably work our way around to Grand Anse D'Arlet for Christmas day.

But we had no problem working out what to have for dinner tonight, it was Mahi Mahi fresh caught on the way up.

It was the first Dorado I have caught from Elephants Child but we had the suggested three lines out one long one medium and a short one with the squid skipping on the surface as a teaser.

Both of us had a pang as they are so spectacular as they come aboard with a brilliant blue turning bright green then silver just before they snuff it.

I said to Gisela “ It is more than just a pretty fish – it is dinner! “ and very good it was too.

I suspect I will be prompted to get all three lines going again on our next sail.

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  1. Dinner looked good, and the weather sounds great.
    We are freezing here, temp to stay below 0 all day and snow predicted. -18 degrees last night in Scotland predicted -10 here tonight.
    Stay where you are, Europe is cold and white.