Monday, December 20, 2010

COLD ! Club Med and St. Anne

We have been suffering from the cold out here in the Caribbean, Gisela is wearing a shirt in the evenings and we are thinking about using the solar shower rather than water straight from the tanks. I mean the temperatures are in the low 70s Fahrenheit at night and barely crawl into the 80s in the day! Baby it is cold outside!

Where o where have they gone? Club Mediterranae in Martinique used to be populated by lots of pretty ladies doing all sorts of things including volleyball wearing the tiniest of monokinis.

It is the third time Elephants Child has sailed past Club Med and again it looked deserted, however on closer inspection there were a couple of occupied sun loungers. But nothing like the bouncy action packed beach scene that I remembered from the days I anchored off the beach here in the 90s.
In the evening we heard the live show start up and the repertoire seemed to consist of jingle bells, in French, and some other songs that belonged in a German bierkeller. We were glad that it was not a repetition of the amplified boom boom and steel band music that had blasted out from Sandals in St Lucia but it was not very inspiring and certainly seemed to lack any Gallic flair..

Sandals seemed to be doing OK with lots of custom and Club Med seemed to be about empty. Out of idle curiosity I checked the price for a week starting on Dec 25th and found out that the accommodation only price for 7 days was over $8,000 {US} ouch! I guess that is why it is so quiet here.


The anchorage at St. Anne was much fuller than I remembered and it will be interesting to see if it thins out tomorrow as today is Sunday and quite a lot of the boats are flying French flags. A trip ashore found only a few shops open and most amenities INCLUDING THE TOILETS firmly closed.

However we were drawn into a local boulangery and chocolatier by the blissful smells emanating and left with a couple of portions of chocolate cake for desert this evening.

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  1. 80 Farenheit is 27 centigrade,we are at 27 Farenheit or fxxxing cold. Lots of brass monkeys with high voices here. Not sure if we will have an official white christmas but it will still be white.
    2 Fires and the central heating are keeping us warm but we were luck to catch a burst pipe in the garage.