Monday, June 20, 2011

Bequia to Union via the Tobeago Cays

It's the same ever year. All winter, that is to say from October to May, you look forward to some summer sailing in balmy force 3 and sunshine. And every summer it's the same f*****g weather - strong winds and rain. Until that is you have unwisely booked some committment or other when the sun will briefly appear.

Why do we kid ourselves that the UK has a climate suitable for family sailing? It hasnt. The UK climate suits scrabble playing and thats it!

Problem is, what would you do with yourself if you didnt have a boat? I'd class myself as a petrolhead but these days I cant afford the fuel for a decent sized V8. So thats no alternative. Gardening? DIY Visiting Nat Trust gardens with SWMBO and a load of zimmer frame drivers?

It's mid JUne and again there are gales forecast for the weekend.

I posted this acouple of days ago after a fellow forumite was despairing of getting any sailing [see above]

"Ahh I knew there was a reason I am where I am.

Off to do about 20 miles tomorrow, rough plan allows 3hrs 20mins but as it is forecast to be 18 gusting 23 just north of east and my course is west of south; I guess we'll be flying so maybe 2hrs 30mins.

The temp is 81 F [sea that is ] and the rum is about £3 a bottle.

Look it is really quite tough out here I am now tasked to be in the cockpit and to watch the sunset JUST in case we have a green flash AND there are some ladies on a French boat next to me showering au naturel off their bathing platform. It really is a pretty sight yes I AM talking about the sunset. "

Well I got my comeuppance today; I don't know where the disturbance came from but we have had a horrible weather day in Bequia with severe squall lines coming through all day 2 of which had thunderstorms with them followed by near calm periods.

I did start getting ready to go but when the first one blew through at 40 knots plus staying at anchor seemed wiser.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Well normal service it was 15 to 18 knts the sun was shining and the old lady was flying at 8 knots most of the way down.
I only slowed down to boat a dorado which sorted out what I was having for dinner.

A lunch stop in the Tobeago cays and a snorkel on the outer drop off was good but a little disapointing as I saw no sharks rays or even cuda just some good size jacks.

Finally on to Union Island for the night as it was rolling in the Cays.

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