Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Carriacou to Grenada and round to Clarks Court Bay.

Well it was rolling in Tyrrel Bay not badly but enough to make things a little uncomfortable.

I put up with it for a day or two but the settled waters of the bays on the south side of Grenada were calling me.

So I headed south on a day with a touch of North in the prevailing trades. This meant I was able to sail all the way down the west coast of Grenada. I usually have to motor at least part of the way. As a bonus half way down the coast of Grenada I caught another Mahi Mahi.

I stopped of at the capital and stocked up from the supermarket on the waterfront as they have a door to dinghy service. Added an extra jar of tartar sauce too.

Nice one Foodland!

I pulled into Clarks Court Bay late this afternoon and got a reminder that you never rely on buoys in the Caribbean. The entrance is a little scary with reefs on one side and shallow rocks on the other. Well the three outer buoys that lead you into the pass were missing. If I had not been in a few times before I think I wold have chickened out as a fair swell was running.

Anyway the anchor is down. The sails and ropes all made shipshape and my G&T was extra good tonight. Several boats that I saw here last year were anchored here again.

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