Monday, June 13, 2011

I have had a few quiet days tucked up in Friendship bay away from the hustle and bustle of mainstream Bequia. I completed a few odd jobs including mounting the boats mascot.

I have also had a couple of sundowner evenings with other single handers but none that can match these guys.

Alessandro Di Benedetto sailed this solo round-the-world in 270 days, achieving nearly 28,360 miles of sea crossings completely alone and without assistance.
His boat was damaged during a crossing of the South Pacific, but he managed to recover the pieces of broken mast and with his new makeshift mast, crossed another ocean and a half, passing by Cape Horn.

Mario Pirri has sailed the elegant Fifer Latifa single handed including a transatlantic passage from Italy to Antigua for this years classic week. A famous racer in her day she finished second in both the 1937 and 1939 Fastnets. She was used to search for clandestine German submarine bases in Irish waters during the second world war.

And then we have the white rasta single handing this, it is about 80 feet long and who knows what it weighs. It looks like an old deep sea fishing boat that has had masts added. The sails are bent on and look ready to hoist be he left under power today.


I was looking for an elephants head for ages. Most suppliers would not post it international, finally got one sent to Colorado when I was skiing.

It replaces one that the previous owners of the boat took with them.

The saloon looks complete now, also it is a handy place to hang things! LOL to.


  1. You could hang the anchor on that Jumbo, is that the smallest you could find ,lol

  2. I love the elephant. What is it made of? It looks like metal of some sort but the ears look like leather. It's gorgeous!