Saturday, July 30, 2011

Night diving Dogfighting and the first scare of this years huricane season looms out in the Atlantic

Night Diving

Hi Victor this is a reply to your comment as I can't reply any other way as blogspot is rejecting me as a commentor!

I really don't feel comfortable at night I have only done one night dive and frankly it gave the the screaming ab dabs.

Just a big wuss on this.


I was treated to some stunning dogfighting yesterday. We have had a strange southerly drift into the bays on the south coast of grenada. Some it has filled with seaweed others with fish. I had a bay full of fish behind Elephants Child and the seabirds were feasting. The frigate birds don't fish for themselves but steal from other birds and each other. So I and my fellow cruisers were treated to some spectacular aerial dogfights sometimes with the same fish changing beak 10 times before some luck box had a couple of seconds of clear sky and time to turn the fish and swallow it.

Potential hurricane and it's forecast tracks.

I think we are OK in Grenada but will get a change to the usual wind and waves for a day or two next week. But if you are in Antigua I would be stuffing my nose into the mangroves in English Harbour and stripping the sails.

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