Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It is a bit of a miserable morning so time for some overdue housekeeping.

I had a good snorkle yesterday on reef inside Clarks Court Bay and had broken a sea urchin open to get some food for the hungry reef fish when I realised I was being watched. Why do barracuda look so INTIMIDATING?

Lovely long sunset last night which I enjoyed from the cockpit, it outlasted my G&T and Chariots of Fire started to repeat.

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  1. Baracuda, might be something to do with the big jaw full of sharp teeth. On a night dive they will hangout just above and behind your head. As you shine your light on an interesting fish all you are doing is high lightening dinner. All you see is a flash of silver and your fish is gone.
    You must look at the reef at night, completely different, the day fish are all asleep and the night watch are out hunting. Free swimming moray's, lobsters out to play, colourful corals. Get a good light, it is well worth the effort.