Sunday, July 3, 2011


The Grenada routine is established, listen drowsily to the cruisers radio net while still in bed then a swim and a very leasurly breakfast. The wifi here has been good so far so I catch up with the wide world on the web and decide if I am going to be sociable and join in whatever activity those who bustle about and onganise others have got on the go.

Today I went ashore to watch the start of an island boat race. It was a proper start, in other words from the beach with some of the crew still in the water holding the boat.

Last night I dinghied in to the marina for a pot luck supper and spotted these three. They say misery loves company and there can be few more miserable things than losing your rig down here.

The range of liveaboards astounds me. here is a big assed old tugboat, maybe being used a diving mothership if the murals are anything to go by.

Or you have this one who has al the creature comforts including satellite TV.

I spotted this old girl Coral of Cowes who has masts to spare, schooner rigged with topmasts that appear to be capable of being lowered to the deck.

Finally what about this? plenty of freeboard but I wonder how she sails? Still she got here from Canada.

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