Sunday, September 4, 2011


I have been working on a couple of things to help life along on Elephants Child. The first is a water catchment system based on an awning, a funnel and a filter. Well so far despite three attempts at rigging it in different ways this has failed. I would have collected more water by placing a bucket under the corner of the bimini.

But my anchor chain scrubber has been a success at shifting the weed and algae and I am pleased with that. The barnacles were another matter though and required chipping off with a knife, boy o boy is Clarkes Court fertile. Some say it is the run off from the rum distillery that does it.

Yup that is my anchor chain under those barnacles.


The south east and south winds that we have had recently have bought in rafts of weed and in a couple of the marinas staff have been forking it out by hand and carting it away by the lorry load. Bad news for those who suffer weed phobia when swimming. It is creepy to feel it brush by you. I had a few encounters when scraping my bottom. But we have a clean bottom clean chain and those two things are ready to jump down to Trinidad. Just need the wind to cooperate.

Pot Luck Envy

I felt like being sociable and moseyed over to the pot luck at Clarkes Court Bay marina only to suffer a bad case of dish envy, my Louisiana style dirty rice was blown away by iced cakes chocolate brownies stuffed eggs layered sweet potato pie etc. Got to be more creative next time.

OK OK Who said I was competitive.

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