Friday, November 18, 2011

Calivigny island and Grand Etang

We are anchored off Calivigny island a super luxurious resort for the seriously wealthy. It can only be booked by a single party with a maximum size of 20.

Calivigny features the ‘Beach House’, a stunning residence with 10 sumptuous suites and spectacular views. Each suite is fully air-conditioned with its own lavish en-suite bathroom and first-class amenities ensuring total refined comfort. The house is an architectural masterpiece, harmoniously blending French Colonial and Balinese style, creating a sanctuary for its guests. Tastefully decorated and furnished with custom-designed furniture by Oscar de la Renta and Richard Frinier providing an authentic home away from home atmosphere.

But the sunset looks the same for them as it does for us here on Elephants Child.

The sunsets have been spectacular recently and this one is a dramatic example of a Caribbean sunset, best viewed from the cockpit with a little rum of course.

Having spent a few days swimming and snorkeling we ventured up into the rain forest and visited the national park that is centered around the caldera lake called Grand Etang.

The park vegetation is extremely diverse, including cloud forests, montane thickets, palm brakes, and elfin woodland, as well as rain forest. Lots of ferns strange trees and this variant of a palm tree which had these strange red spikes growing out of the side of the trunk below the crown. I guess that they might be a variant of the date palm but am not sure.
The park staff were kept busy dealing with the hordes that had bussed in from the cruise ship docked in St Georges but found time to advise us on the various hikes available around the park.

We stated off with an easy short walk up to a point overlooking Grenville on the east coast but then set off for the lakeside trail round Grand Etang itself. I had done my due diligence and knew that it was classed as an easy hike taking 90 minutes with good views of the Etang. Although we had been warned that it was muddy the site of a couple emerging from the trail encouraged us to have a go.


To begin with it was not too bad but soon we were in deep glutinous shoe sucking mud. Up to our knees in mud puddles and having to retrieve foot ware by digging down with our hands it soon became apparent that I was going to suffer death by Judy if we got out of here. But we made it round, washed the mud off and got back to Clarks Court Bay marina for burger night with a truly magnificent appetites.

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