Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well it is fixed and back in place and normal service has been resumed.

Al Bernadine took a totally f****d starter and rebuilt it with a new rotor rewound field coil and a new solenoid.

Now the engine on Elephants Child was made 34 years ago in Japan to a design by Perkins and used a US made starter that also has not been made for many many years.

So what were the chances of finding spares on this tiny island ? Somewhere between small and zero, I thought but Al had them in stock.

We are at anchor just now off St Georges and are waiting for a favourable wind to go North.

So tomorrow we will go and snorkle the underwater statue park.

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  1. Oh to be in places where they repair rather than replace. In the west we swap out larger and larger components, it is "uneconomical" to repair. Or is it just thats it's more profitable. Maybe I am just being cynical. In India I spoted small repair shops in the middle of nowhere. Nothing was disgarded, it might be useful in the future as spares.