Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We snorkled the reef off Hog Island and I spotted a rather ugly fish pretending to be invisible on the bottom. It was a fish that I had never seen before and was curious as to what it might be.

Well it turns out to be a STONEFISH a nasty little bugger.

The stonefish is considered the most dangerous fish in the world. Thirteen poisoned spines coming from their dorsal fin can inject highly dangerous venom. The reef stonefish can be identified from the estuary stonefish by its sunken eyes opposed to the elevated eyes of the estuary dwelling stonefish. Stonefish camouflage very well into their surroundings, and can be mistaken for rocks. They are brown and can have yellow, orange and/or red patches. They are usually 35cm but have been recorded at just under a meter long. Care should be taken not to step on these fish and to leave them alone. If you are walking along a rocky shore in the water wear shoes and be careful. Sever pain follows the attack and the stonefish’s venom has been accused of causing the death of many islanders

Another reminder to wear shoes when swimming off the beach or anytime you might put your feet down.

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  1. The good thing about stonefish is that they stay still when you try and photograph them. You have to get real close before they believe that their camoflage has failed and they need to swim away.