Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Back in beautiful Bequia.

We enjoyed light but favourable winds from Hillsborough to Union Island then on to Petit Nevis. This is a small island just off Friendship Bay Bequia. It was once the place used by the islanders to butcher the whales and you can still see the concrete slipway and the remains of the windlass they used to haul them ashore.

The island is now for sale $15 milllion US to you sir!

I like stopping here as the snorkeling is excellent with large numbers of varied species on offer. I am still looking to see another lion fish but not today.

Rather than spend the night here I decided that the possibility of a swell making things uncomfortable was just too great so we popped round the corner to the main anchorage and got tucked up to the North shore to hide from any swell.

Onshore fro the first time I headed for my favourite roti shack only to be told that they had no cooking gas and that there was no gas on the island so rotis were off as well as everything else needing cooking. Judy is getting used to this sort of thing and said without prompting " Oh it is the Caribbean I suppose "

Still we found someone whose battle still had gas and enjoyed a roti even though we had to fend of the predatory locals who were quite fearless in their hunt for food aka unwanted roti skin.

We finished of our hard day at the office with a local freshly made ice cream


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  1. Hi John. I wrote to you once about Bob Law and The Pistashio. If you ever see it again, could you please take a picture and post it on your blog? That would mean the world to my husband, Bob Law's son, Bob. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas! Laurie