Friday, December 16, 2011


I had a small sewing job done on the mainsail stack pack sail cover and needed a new staysail storage bag made. The zip had failed on the old one and I had intended to add a flap and ties to it but it went over the side on the last passage so it was a new one.

Bequia canvas is run by a hard working German lady and she got it all sorted for me and at a very reasonable price.

But this meant we missed the possible window to head North and the wind has gone round to the North East with a big NE swell so we are stuck here. Also it is COLD I needed a blanket over me last night. Life is tough, ah well it is snowing in Britain so I guess everything is relative.

The arrow marks Elephants Child.


Guess they won't bother fixing it.

I will leave you with two Bequia sunsets.

No prizes for telling me what is wrong with number 2.

No prizes for telling me what is wrong with no 2.

It really is a big swell, todays cruise ship is having problems retrieving it's tenders.

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