Friday, December 30, 2011

Bye Bye Bequia Bye Bye Wallilabou Hullo Marigot Bay

Well the Lords of the Sunset got their acrylics out for our last night in Beuia.

I went in to clear out and was met with a big queue, well it had been overtime clearing in and out for the last three days so people had been putting it off. Well customs at least had been monitoring things and taking names and some captains were sitting on the naughty chairs waiting for a “ senior customs officer “ to decide their fate and the extent of their fine.

After clearing out in Bequia we romped up to Wallilabou and as in the past we were met miles away by boat boys offering their services, while holding up a rope for a tow back to Wallilabou.

However as in the recent past I was pleasantly surprised at how restrained and well behaved the boat boys, now renamed and trained as “Beach Front Service Providers”, were. When I declined their services and said I would get someone in the bay to help they shrugged smiled and said “ Welcome to Wallilabou. “

We were soon anchored with a stern line tied to a tree, and well out just in case the westerly swell arrives. Wallilabou is untenable in a westerly swell of any size and being well out gives you a better chance of escaping.

The usual vendors came buy and one was offering really well made hematite necklaces and Judy succumbed to his sales talk. Mind you it looks good and at only 20 ec or 7 US can't be said to be overly expensive.

We got our cozzies on and with shampoo in our packs headed up to the heritage falls for a refreshing dip, good hair rinse in soft rain water and serious natural jacuzzi under the waterfall. It has not rained much in the last few days so you could stand up under the main fall but only just.

Back on the boat after a wander around the Pirates of the Caribbean set we soon had the dink on board lashed down and with a sundowner in hand watched the late arrivals shoe horn themselves into what ever space was left. There was double parking and rafting up. I really hope we don't get a swell tonight!

Well be did get a wind switch so some of the sardines were playing bumper boats in the night but not us.

Next day saw us off to St Lucia with a reefed main and just the staysail. The North end os St Vincent was it's usual unpleasant self with short steep seas and some wind acceleration but we were soon clear and settled in with 6 knts and the odd 7 showing on the GPS.

Late afternoon saw us in Marigot Bay St Lucia and the usual tour boats were charging in doing a quick circuit with their loads of sardines pinking up nicely out on the bows.

After the exertions of finding customs and immigration we stopped for an ice cream and were entranced by this cheeky little sparrow or finch who was taking advantage of the servers back being turned to sneak in for a beak full.

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