Friday, April 20, 2012

Sandy joins Elephants Child at Classics week

Sandy flew in from Mexico via LAX JFK and finally VC Bird airport in Antigua to join me on Elephants Child.
However having promised her sunshine and warm days what did we have on the first morning; RAIN AND CLOUD BASE OF 50 FEET!
It was so bad the we instantly changed plans no early start to go and watch the start but a gentle introduction to the coffee situation on Elephants Child. Columbian met with her approval.Her search for the timepiece in English Harbor was successful and I do believe Sandy is embracing the concept of Island time. In fact it was cloudy so who knows what time it was and who cares. We were both hungry so it was lunchtime.
In the afternoon a tree caught her attention and much of the
rest of her digital image space was filled with wood. No not classic wooden boats but this tree which we were told was a sandbox tree. In fairness it is an interesting tree, at least 200 years old with palm trees [ her favourite! ] growing through a gap in the twisted branches and in places the branches actually grew back in to themselves. We were told by a local docent that it was a sandbox tree but reference to Mr Google showed this to be untrue. Anybody with help on it's identity please comment below.


  1. Mexico, Los Angeles,New York, Antigua, Talk about around the houses,then you could not even organise any sunshine. Talk about letting the side down.
    Bad Weather,We have a drought so hose pipe ban, since then it has been cold and raining. I think I would swap UK rain for Caribean showers. You can reasonably expect it to stop, we have been warned to expect another month of this. Have fun

  2. Wait! That's the wrong Sandy. It's supposed to be ME!!! ;-)