Friday, April 27, 2012


We pulled up anchor and headed around to Jolly Harbor yesterday. My first sail on Elephants Child and in the Caribbean. The sail was by head sail alone and it was great to be out on the water again! The water is absolutely amazing! The shades of blue are even better than the houses! We passed by my first reef so that gave me an inclination as to what to watch out for in the waters around here as I understand that there are a lot of them around and about! After we anchored, we headed into the local Marine Chandlery to pick up an item and then walked over to the local supermarket! First impression was that I was back in the states in a very upscale market! The first exciting event was that my ATM card actually worked and now I am solvent again---however, just, after paying for my share of the groceries!!!!!! Yea Gads! Four apples were about $4.50 US. A little bitty bag of dried pineapple was $5, Hamburger--the cheap kind-- was $4.50 a pound and on it goes until we came to the coffee. By now I was getting somewhat over my sticker shock---until I saw that 10 oz. of Folgers roasted ground coffee was $33! OK, so it was Folgers Colombian Coffee---Jeez! By the time we were at the checkout, I was kind of mumbling to myself! The final bill was $368 EC and we didn't get That much! Everything was Way, Way more expensive than I am used to in my humble La Paz! I asked how the locals afford to live here and the bag boy said that it was great because when he went to New York, everything was so cheap! Ah, what price paradise, eh? JOHN SAYS Is ANY price to high for my morning ambrosia, my morning nectar of the gods, hmmmm I think not! Classic week is over for another year and we both got some great shots of people enjoying sailing some interesting boats. The first one gets my vote for the ugliest boat there.
These guys were close in when they tacked.
We walked up to the bluff overlooking the course These shots give an idea of the disparate sizes.
Not last, well not always, here is OLD BOB who definitely has the most fun per boating dollar during Classics.

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  1. Truly the boat in the first picture is ugly, why did the put a vertical bow on a boat like that. Seeing these playthings of the mega rich fabulous. Most of the crew will be professionals and the owners don't care about the costs only winning. This must create some fantastic racing.