Monday, April 16, 2012


It is raining hard in Antigua as I write this. Like parts of the UK they need the rain with reservoirs low and crops looking parched. I have my buckets out collecting water where the rain pours off the bimini into the cockpit. Doing something about this has been on my ToDo list since the first time I sat in the cockpit on a rainy day but it would need a radical rebuild of the bimini or a very large awning to sit above the existing bimini. So I have been sketching possible solutions and looking at how other cruisers have solved similar problems.

The Classic Yachts Regatta starts this week and the old and the beautiful have been trickling in to Antigua, the airport taxis have been in demand as have those craftsman who can maintain a wet edge across a wooden transom with the varnish brush or spot repair an Awlgripped topside,

Old Bob has been getting spruced up to but it is a case of owner and friends rising to the call and doing the work themselves.

The locally built decked sloops are being prepared to, I wonder if the Pink Lady will make it up this year.

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  1. I wonder what would attract your attention to a "pink" sail boat? Must be the clean lines and well hung rigging. LoL