Tuesday, May 15, 2012


BARBECUE We were tucked up in the anchorage in Deshaies with a sundowner to hand when I suddenly noticed a floater in my G & T. Closer examination showed it to be a shred of burnt paper or something similar. A wider examination showed that the entire boat was covered by greasy shreds of burnt something or other. Yes the boat upwind was having a barbecue. I don't know what he was burning but we were getting the fallout. Deciding not to remonstrate with him that night I left it to the morning but he left early. Ah well, it cleaned off easily with some seawater and a deck scrubber.

BIRDS We visited the world famous Jardin Botanique in Deshaies and soon I found myself very popular with the birds. Mind you it might have been something to do with the mango I was holding.
Sandy was having quite a tete a tete with the macaws who were holding up their end of the conversations pretty well.
The Chilean flamingos finally ventured out when the rain let up and set about resablishing the pecking order. They were a right stroppy lot with lots of squaring off and displaying. You could just hear the taunts in flamingo, “ COME ON MY SON IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HARD ENOUGH! “
But we were really here for the blooms and the gardens certainly were blooming. Sandy said she had never seen such a variety of flowers all in bloom at the same time.

We both liked these leaves which looked like they had another leaf painted on to them.

We were used to delightful scents as we were wandering around the paths surrounded by flowers when we got a whiff of rotting meat. These guys were certainly attracting the bluebottles and living up to their nickname of "carrion flowers".

Which brings us neatly to DEATH IN PARADISE We found ourselves unwitting victims of the drama series about a detective inspector who is assigned to investigate a murder on the paradise island of Saint-Marie in the Caribbean, despite his hatred of sun, sea and sand.
They had closed the roads and the check in internet shop as well to facilitate filming an episode in Deshaies.

So just another day in paradise slides in to the Caribbean sea as I check the fridge for the big decision of the day. WILL MY SUNDOWNER BE A G&T OR A RUM AND COKE. It is tough out here you know.

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  1. Are they all shot in the Deshais?
    Pity you did not get a job as an extra then we could have spotted the episode. I do enjoy the series, reminds me of Jamaica and some of the Brits I have met on my travels.