Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It really has rained an unusual amount but after some overnight rain Saturday dawned fair and the local regatta got off to a good start with a couple of downwind starts. The finishes were often close and judging from the squealing that was emitting from some boats, the mixed crews were not taking things TOO seriously.
We hiked up to Fort Josephine on the Isle de Cabrits passing through a snowstorm of butterflies that were feeding on the blossoms bought about by the recent prolific rains. I don't think that there is any professional restoration and or conservation work going on but there is a lone potter working away making wall vases and other simple stuff who seems to be doing some general tidy up work. Anyway I wonder how much longer this window with it's simple arch and loose keystone will survive.
Sunday [ Fair again Sandy does not belive that this normal ] saw us off to make the longer climb toFort Napoleon on the main island Terre Haut. I knew Sandy would like the variety of flora on offer and I had hopes for a bit of local fauna however the iguanas failed to put on a show. This shows Elephants Child
tucked up behind the hill known as Pain De Sucre. I might have anchored there anyway as it rolls less than the town anchorage and masts there were moving as we made the long dinghy ride in to town from Sugar Loaf, however the the $20 US a night for the compulsory moorings was the real factor.

We are down in Dominica now, having taken advantage of a brief shift in the SE winds to ENE which gave a favorable slant down to Portsmouth. It rained on the way and as we arrived so giving further ammunition to Sandy's view that I lured her down to the Caribbean under false pretenses.

DEATH IN PARADISE. Hi Victor The filming takes place in Guadeloupe but all over not just in Deshaies. They were looking for extras and it appears we could have both have got an acting job in the series if we had been around for the season.

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