Friday, May 18, 2012

Jacques Cousteau Snorkel and the DINK gets loose on passage.

We stopped off at Pigeon Island to enjoy a morning snorkel on what, Jacques Cousteau said,
was one of the 10 best sites in the world. We had excellent visibility and although it had been raining on and off since mid day yesterday we had a break in the clouds and some good sunlight. Lots of fish, some that employ their coloring to hide and some, well, they just seem to be show-offs. After lunch we headed down to Basse Terre and on to the Saintes. We were tromping along at about 6.5 knots towing the dink when something went ping, I looked around and everything looked normal but a minute or two later there was a second ping and the dink broke the tow line. I put the dink on deck if I am making an open ocean passage and had always towed it when making the 6 miles across to the Saintes but it did not work this time. Retrieving it was much harder than I thought it would have been but the 20 knots, rain and a good 2 metre swell contributed to the difficulty. Sandy and I were both soaked to the skin and cold by the 9th pass when I finally put Elephants Child alongside the dink without making it switch ends so carrying the trailing line away from Sandy and the boathook who did the business and we returned to Basse Terre to reorganize. But we made it down to the Saints next day.

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