Thursday, April 18, 2013



Others may circle the world. We have just circled Bequia.

First it was over to the mainland and snuggled up in Young Island Cut so I could visit the flesh pots of Kingstown.

Then it was an early strt and the short sail over to Battowia which is really only a lunch stop on a quiet day with the winds south of East. I swam ashore and got a pic of some turtle tracks but there did not seem to be any nest sites.

I snorkeled around looking for lionfish and saw two quite deep. They were under a shelf and the shots I got just did not come out. If seems that they are spreading even more rapidly than was feared with reports from both Trinidad and Tobago of sightings.

Then it was over to Friendship Bay for a night stop and a walk ashore to see what is going on with the different hotels. Only one seemed to have customers. Times are bad.

A stop off at my favourite snorkel spot behind Petit Nevis. I aslo stopped next day at Quatre Vents before heading back to Admiralty Bay civilization and WIFI!
I spotted this pretty little dinghy at the dock. A change from the ubiquitous rib with 15hp outboard.

The fish cleaners were at work leaving evidence of their gutting and cutting in the water.

I treated myself to a luch out and there saw evidence of a more unusual restaurant visitor in the shape of a goat. Only in Bequia.

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