Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It was a noisy morning with much splashing as two brown boobies worked a shoal of bait fish right beside Elephants Child. The fish were frantically trying to escape as they were harried from below by some predatory fish while the boobies snacked on them from above.

The owner/builder/designer of Confusion a winner in her day were again hard at work on the beach making some last minute alterations in the search for more speed.

But although she went well it was not to be this year.

A different class of boat handling was shown here. This mosquito tanker wriggled her way in through the anchored boats to the 4 mooring buoys that position her in the exact spot where she can pick up the sunken hose through which she delivers her cargo ashore.

No busy tugs to push her nose around. No bow thruster to push it around either. But a carefully laid anchor pulled the bow around through the wind which enabled the crew to throw the first line to the local speed boat which was all the help he had.

It has been blowing hard at times the last few days and here is someone who will be looking for the local sail loft.

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