Thursday, July 4, 2013


Why do I have my door closed at night for the first time?

Why have I got my lower washboard in at anchor?

Why have I got a barricade up across my other cabin door?

Why am I wearing shoes on board for the first time?

Why do I have a pistol at the ready at all times?

I am under siege?

Remember the movie Alien when Sigourney Weaver had to creep about fearing an attack at any moment from an evil monster, well I know just how she felt.

I give you the attack kitten! Dizzy Sox

Now I blame it all on the blonde, she taught her that food comes on black plates not kitty bowls but worst of all she showed her the foot attack.

I have tried diversionary tactics to no avail.

So the water pistol is at the ready and hopefully Dizzy Sox will soon learn the meaning of "NO" and "AAARGH NO YOU LITTLE BITEY MONSTER NOT MY TOES!"

I have a moments respite just now. We have just had mad kitten 15 minutes and we have crapped out.
She even looks cute.

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