Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summertime in Grenada

Turbo charge your boat sir?
Turbo charging your boat Caribbean style.
If you start losing races what do you do? Well one thing you can do is cut the stern off and do a bit of planking work and gain a few feet of waterline. Alwyn Enoe and sons at work.
Or you take the lead keel off melt it down and cast a new bulb to hang off the bottom on 7 feetof steel foil. Easy!

Crevice corrosion.
This occurs when stainless steel gets wet and there is no oxygen around. I was cutting my self a slice when I felt it go. Ah well RIP breadknife. A heavy duty bread knife is an essential bit of safety kit on a boat. If you do need to cut a rope in a hurry it is the tool of choice. Can I find one in the local hardware shop NO!

Curiosity killed the cat or in this case gives him sore paws.

Yes Dizzy that is a fan.

Yes if you stick your paws in the fan they get whapped.

It's not my fault.

It's Sunday and the racing starts at 10am
2 high tech catamarans jocky for position on the start line. The skippers are dreaming that they are driving a wing sail foiling catamaran at 40 knots.

The spectators are wondering if it is too early for a beer as they watch dad on the kids Hobie cats at Le Phare Bleu.

Finally we have a hurricane to worry about. Humberto is whirling away West of the Cape Verdes but all the spaghetti shows it heading about due North so no worries there.

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