Saturday, September 21, 2013

Busybody or silent mike

One morning the VHF channels were full of chatter as a group of boats who had agreed to head over to Tobago in convoy got themselves organized to leave around mid-day. Now I was not really paying much attention as I was working on my stern steps with the aid of a very curious kitten who saw every nut bolt and washer as a wonderful new toy. But the weather was clearly unsuitable for this passage which needs either for the wind to be NE or very light so you can motor sail. You fight a 1 to 2 knot current nearly all the way. Well it was about due East 15 to 20 and punctuated with frequent gusty squalls. They were going to have the s**t kicked out of them if they tried.

It was with increasing disbelief that I heard the continuing preparations to leave. A couple of times I thought, right time to break in and say that leaving just now was not a good idea but I held back not wanting to appear a busybody knowitall. Lunch was a little later than usual at 1pm and I saw the boats head out into a stormy sky.

The VHF chatter continued and by late afternoon they were all bailing out with some making for Trini and some returning to Grenada.

Now I am feeling a little guilty for not speaking up. But I suppose they had access to the same weather info that I have plus they could see that the squalls were keeping coming just by looking upwind. No need to log on to Barbados weather radar.

So the question is should I be a busybody or silent mike?

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