Monday, September 30, 2013


It is blowing hard in the middle of the Atlantic as Tropical storm Jerry wanders around in a circle.

It is also blowing hard down here in Grenada with some reinforced trades giving 20 to 25 knots with some higher gusts and for some reason causing the normally calm water of Clarks Court Bay to be ROLLY.

However the varnish is drying and the TO DO list is getting shortened.

We had a situation with a cruiser who had to be taken to hospital and is fairly poorly needing quite a lot of blood just to stabilize his situation. He is an irascible old sod yet when the call went out for blood donors several minibus loads of cruisers have been ferried to give blood. It reaffirms the group help ethos of cruising. BTW they won't take mine due to the meds I take so I did not go.

But I did think that I should go to visit Earnie and take him something. Usually I take a pack of Rombouts one cup coffee filters. Well if you have ever had hospital coffee you will know why.
Anyway here are a couple of pics from yesterdays walk ashore.

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