Thursday, October 17, 2013


Well I was chided for my late arrival and they hauled me at 8 am on the day after I sailed up. Which was fine as I would only be pussyfooting around doing small stuff.

As usual they put a diver in to check the slings and although it is always worrying to see your home up in the air it was fine.

The usual Clarks Court Bay
waterline crud seems worse seems worse this year. Still I have some magic cleaning stuff that shifts it. I spent two days just on the waterline before. 2 hours with On and Off is all I need.

The red stuff on the prop
looks like it is out of a science fiction horror movie. Still it scraped off quite easily,

The pressure wash guy did a good job
but as usual can not touch the barnacle bases. Time to get the scraper out.

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