Thursday, October 3, 2013


I awoke to the sound of rain drumming on the deck. The farmers and those who catch rainwater will be glad but it stopped my varnishing work.
Normally my solar panels keep me fully charged but with the cloudy conditions I was getting less from them so was being a bit more diligent in aligning them to the sun. Dizzy likes to come and oversee this giving a final nod of approval.

I did some scut work on the computer tiding things up and backing up my hard drive but finally the rain tailed off and the sunset
was quite amazing with the waters in the bay turning blood red. Yes it really was that colour.

I watched until the last faint wash of colour faded out of the sky and went below, switched on some tunes and started to make dinner. Fortunately I did not have the volume up and I caught the faintest of cat cries and some splashing. Yes, Dizzy had fallen in. I looked over the side with a torch and could not see him so jumped in to find him clinging to the top of the rudder. I picked him off and put his front paws onto the netting which I have over the side and he scrambled back on board on his own.

Here he is after some shampoo and a fresh water rinse.

He looked pretty unhappy at that moment but seems back to normal this morning.


  1. She will blame you for this, its all your fault that there is wet stuff all around her home. It suppose has to happen at least once, maybe she will have learnt her lesson.
    What do you do with her when you are on a passage?

  2. Well on my last boat Carpe Diem Rumba a cat of no brain just a Random Number Generator up top used to make passage on the boom.

    Hence the extra line in the tacking instructions.