Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It is still blowing hard down here so we are happy to stay and enjoy Bequia,
the decorators have been hard at work stringing lights and wrapping tinsel around everything. The grand switch on was supposed to be Saturday but the squalls and heavy rain put paid to that. They go to church on Sunday so we went ashore and sat under the almond tree on Monday waiting for the switch on which was scheduled for 7.30. I am on island time now so I poled up at 7.45 but it was not until nearly 9.00 that the electricians twisted the wires together and the lights came on. The local preacher prayed over us, a 15 year old girl retold the story of Christmas with a West Indian twist in the 21st century.

We took the time next dat to wander aropund some of the back roads on Bequia
and came across a couple of architectural gems.

However there is the other side of the coin and this shack
was lived in till recently by a group aging Rastafarians.

It looks like we may be here for another week as the wind is staying stubbornly North of East and I like my sailing to be gentle stuff with warm winds over my shoulder so I will wait for it to go South and moderate a bit. I feel sorry for the charter boats especially the smaller catamarans who are having to beat North to get back to base in St Lucia. 35 knots and 4 metre swells on the North end of St Vincent.

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