Friday, December 27, 2013

While we were rolling around in Marigot Bay it turns out that the major rain event not really a storm but a trough strong enough to give 6 inches.

However the rain has caused widespread flooding.

Reports indicate at least 5 dead, many are homeless, bridges are washed away, and roads impassible as a result of heavy Christmas eve rains. Bridges are down, 50% of the island is without water and15% without electricity. Phone lines are also down all over the island which is making coordinating the repairs difficult for the emergency sevices. I guess this sort of matches the weather you have been having in the UK. It seems that the big airport is shut down with a Virgin flight running into flood debris on the runway on landing and damaging the landing gear. Airport personnel have been working non stop to clean the runway and at least the STOL small puddlejumpers the local airlines use can get in and out.

Anyway all on board Elephants Child are fine, wet clothes are drying and my little cat Dizzy Sox is getting used to yet another new anchorage and making sure my cleated off lines are done up tight.

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